Some Cool Places to See After You Die - Part 1

3 min read

Everyone talks about places to see before you die. But what about catching up on your wish list after you kick the bucket? The deals are incredible, the accommodations are whatever you want and you can pack very light. Best of all, no reservations, no money to change and no sunscreen. And should you forget anything, no problem. You’re dead – you can laugh it off.

How I Found My 15 Minutes of Fame on Torcello

4 min read

It’s easy being famous. It’s also fun. For a brief, unbelievable moment I was the most famous person on an entire island. But, as with many celebrities, I hadn’t really earned it. Up until then, I had only been a legend in my own mind. Now, with throngs of admirers surrounding me, the legend was made manifest… as though delivered from destiny. But in truth, it arrived from a bunch of giggling 15-year-old girls.

Ever Jump On a Plane... Just Because?

5 min read

I did. Once. It was a long time ago and clearly, I was a more spontaneous critter back then. I didn’t have kids yet or a significant other. Just me, my little bachelor pad in Venice, California, and my backpack. So, here’s what happened: I awoke one morning as usual, without a thought in my head, and by that evening, I was sleeping under the stars, a thousand miles away on a luxuriant forest floor. I didn’t even have a map to get me there. Just a vague idea. Sometimes you gotta let those stars lead the way.