Kenya Tourism                                         

                                                                           The Challenge

Following the presidential elections between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, violence broke out in several regions in Kenya.

This resulted in a severe drop in tourism despite the fact that the violence was short-lived and closely contained to a few discrete areas.

                                                                          The Solution

Picture Planet was approached to write and produce a series of short pieces illustrating that Kenya was indeed, a country at peace, and that tourists, despite the rumors, were safe and had no reason to fear any violence.

We interviewed dozens of tourists throughout the country, as well as guides, city dwellers and even the U.S. Ambassador. 

With this material, we created a dozen stories illustrating the Kenya that we experienced:  strikingly beautiful, calm, peaceful and welcoming.

These produced stories were distributed throughout the world to the tourism and hospitality industry.

                                                                            The Result

The following year, our clients were happy to see a 20% rise in tourism.  This increase in tourism traffic continued at a healthy pace and grew year after year.


Airline Ambassadors International

AAI is a non-profit organization that supports orphans and vulnerable children world-wide through programs of humanitarian and medical care, plus educational awareness programs for child protection, to end child sex trafficking.

                                                                             The Challenge

Picture Planet was approached by Nancy Rivard, the organization’s founder, to create an awareness presentation, a Public Service Announcement (PSA), highlighting AAI’s many contributions to the international community of children.


Nancy shared that the organization was anticipating a wonderful opportunity to showcase their work at the United Nations and so it was vital to create a moving, powerful presentation that would effectively demonstrate the organization’s many accomplishments.  

                                                                             The Solution

Traveling with an AAI team to Argentina,  we recorded the group as they brought and hand delivered food, blankets, medicine and toys to orphanages, soup kitchens and homes for disabled children.


With these images, plus the many interviews we conducted with group members, we produced an informative and moving portrait of Airline Ambassadors that received a standing ovation at the UN. 

                                                                               The Result

This video PSA received attention throughout the media, several more live recognition events, and was shown on every American Airlines domestic flight for a year. 

AAI’s profile increased as did word of their many good works and the organization has grown significantly.