About Jon

                                 A little background and                                                                  One, big dramatic story.

Surrounded by the fields of American history, I grew up exploring the back roads used by Washington's secret spy ring on Long Island's north shore....

Covered Bridge

the Gatsby-like remains of the Vanderbilt's old Motor Parkway and the cradle of aviation at Roosevelt Field, where Lindbergh changed history.  

If you looked for it, history was everywhere - a reminder of the lives and dreams of others.  

It was also a reminder that behind every pathway, bridge and field there is a story to be told - a story that can move people in unexpected ways.   

     Sharing with Others

This is my passion, to share these stories. It's what led me to writing and film 

Sitting at Computer

production studies at NYU, to create countless hours of video & television, to interview hundreds of people here and all around the world, and to help others communicate their needs.

It has been my journey... to share in ways that inform, excite, entertain and inspire.  


     My Commitment And The Mysteries of Machu Picchu

I’ve always endeavored to bring an extra measure of commitment and resources to my work. 

Here’s one example:

One late spring night, I arrived in the mountain village of Aguas Caliente, on the way up to the world heritage site of Machu Picchu, in Peru. I was leading a large TV documentary crew.  

Aguas Caliente

The local fixer who was supposed to have arranged lodging for the group was nowhere to be found along with the promised rooms.   

Needing to house my tired and hungry crew, I trudged the town’s alleyways for hours trying to get them lodging. With much haggling, I managed to find scattered rooms for everyone. 

These last minute accommodations, unfortunately, were not the most luxurious and there were numerous complaints from the crew.  Still, I was able to get everyone a bed for the evening. 

That night it rained….  and it poured hour after hour in a loud, torrential wash. The storm's power shook the hotel almost as if the mountain itself was coming down.  

Machu Picchu

At dawn I was alerted by the sounds of barking dogs.  Something was wrong.  

Stepping outside, I took in the scene before me: just a few hundred feet down the street… blocks of buildings, business and hotels had been literally washed away.

The fury of the storm had swept much of the street right off its foundation and into the river below. All that was left was an empty, silent space.  

Moving into action, I quickly gathered the crew making sure all were accounted for and safe.  Then we did everything we could to help the locals, including the use of a satellite phone to bring in help for the survivors. 

Machu Picchu

The crew also recorded the devastation as a record of the tragedy – a sobering reminder of their own, good fortune. I did my best to keep everyone on track, focused and moving forward as we proceeded up the mountain to Machu Picchu to complete our assignment. 

For the remainder of the shoot, none of the crew again complained about the comfort of their rooms or the lack thereof. 

            *                                                       *     So…. rest assured.  When you trust your assignment to me, come hell or high water… I will remain focused, resourceful and determined, until I have created the best work…. and the best story for you.

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Jon Lapidese is based in Los Angeles where he plots world domination through the best persuasive messaging possible.  He is the father of two gorgeous children.