flight attendant

Mr. Frank Stallone Wants To Read (His Book) On This Flight!

5 min read

Things haven’t gone so well for air travelers lately. These days you can’t open Facebook without seeing a video of a passenger being beaten with their own stroller, dragged down the aisle by their feet or subjected to waterboarding in the rear lavatory. (“ALL RIGHT! I’ll take the next flight!”)  I recently got a taste of this new economy-class terrorism. By the time we touched down in L.A. I had been involved in a scrap that included my fellow passengers, my ex-mother-in-law, Mr. Frank Stallone and the FAA. But at least no one lost any teeth.

Kiddie Cabin Pressure

5 min read

I like family vacations. I really do.  Even when things go south.  Even when the kids are whiny and miserable. Even when everyone is crying and fighting and having a terrible time.

The keyword here being time.  Time is the most valuable currency in a family.  Because we never, ever have enough time together.  Best of times, worst of times… who cares?  The point of family vacations is that we finally stop everything else we’re doing and spend some time together.