My services are designed with one goal:

             To help your business profit and grow.

             Copywriting & Content Marketing

Do you want to convert your prospects into active clients?  I specialize in direct response copy that appeals to your prospects’ core emotional wants and needs.

I do this through:

Web Sales Page
  • sales letters

  • web sales pages

  • landing pages

  • email campaign and e-sales letters

  • Brochures

             And I retain your clients for you with strong  engagement through:

Hawaii E-Newsletter
  • e-newsletters

  • blogs

  • content pages

  • articles

  • white papers

  • and a well-constructed marketing campaign

Please Contact me and let’s discuss your project.


Nothing gets your message out to the world like a regular, well-produced podcast. I provide a variety of services to ensure your podcast works for you!

  • concept, marketing

  • scripts

  • voice-overs

  • editing

  • complete production - from idea stage to final publishing


Video is a great, persuasive selling tool and is quickly becoming the go-to medium because of its effectiveness.

I offer photographic and video production services to enhance your marketing plans. 

Joi de Vivre Video Script
  • video ‘B’ roll

  • in-depth interviews

  • video scripts

  • video news releases

  • short features

  • image spots

  • long form video


Room For Dessert? 
 Do you need another service such as:

Canyon Calling Press Release.jpg
  • Magalog

  • Autoresponders

  • Editing

  • Press Release

  • Ghostwriting

  • Case Studies

Or perhaps, something else?  Please let me know.   

Let’s talk about your marketing goals and how Picture Planet can improve your reach and enhance your business.   

Contact me today with any questions and to discuss your project.   
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