Misplace your Youth?

  Team up with LeBron to find the newest, youngest YOU in just one month!

     Dear Fellow Enthusiast,

What’s more fun than watching the magic of your favorite athletes?   

I’m talking about the powerful moves of LeBron James and the beautiful agility of WNBA All-star Swin Cash.  Poetry in motion. That’s what I call it.  Strength and speed - but also incredible style as they float through the game.   

These stars seem to possess limitless energy and a confidence that colors their every move. 

How do they do it?  What is their secret?

If you knew their secret, imagine what it could do for you.  Picture yourself lean, strong and youthful.

And then picture yourself walking down the street on a beautiful spring day… trim, in shape - no boundaries, turning heads - so sure of yourself.                       

The world can be a place of limitless possibilities.

Remember that feeling of Youth?   Pure Happiness. 

Now, think about capturing that special feeling again…..  Really.

I know.  You thought those days were long gone.

Well, my friend, I’ve got some good news for you. Those days are definitely not gone.  In fact, they’re waiting for you… on a calendar… just a few short weeks away.   

And then…

See yourself making a three pointer whenever you choose.  Or turning heads as you neatly stroll by.

Imagine… your youth, spirit and glory days awakening inside you.

So what’s more fun than watching the magic of your favorite athletes? 

Getting some of that magic for yourself!

                                                              WE HAVE A PLAN

Today, I’m here to tell you there’s a group of us standing by, ready to help you transform into the best                             self you’ve ever been.  We have a method and a means and yes, a secret that is waiting just for you.

Waiting for the moment when you are ready to join us and change your life.

Now think again of those images of LeBron James and Swin Cash – superb athletes - the picture of grace… and cool.  They have something special they want to share with you.

It’s a system they developed with other like-minded experts that is simply shattering expectations of how one can restore the strength, fitness, flexibility and yes, even the look, feel and confidence of youth.  

Now before we go any further, let me tell you three important aspects of this system you need to know right away:   

  •   Anyone can do it – young, old, thin, not so thin! - it’s easy, accessible and doesn’t                     demand much time – actually less than 30 minutes a day.
  •  It’s very affordable. Less than the cost of a typical date night. 
  •   It works!  And I will prove it to you.              

So…. are you ready to join me, LeBron, Swin and some of our special friends (whom you’ll meet) and take the                first steps toward your newest, best life?  


Ok, so what is this system and what makes it so special

Well, it’s fun, easy to learn, and progresses from very simple to more stimulating.

 Its development was overseen by LeBron and Swin and designed by leading sports physiologists to encourage you with progress you can measure almost daily. 

And, you always, always set your own pace.

Want to know more?  How about this:  You will absolutely enhance your agility, strength, endurance and cardio.

That means….

  • increased stamina
  • decreased weight
  • lower blood pressure
  • better sleep
  • more alertness

 I could go on.  But…. let’s look at what some of the experts say: 

 The British Lung Foundation has noted that better cardio will increase your lung capacity and overall stamina.        You’ll be able to function better, longer and with more effectiveness.

Same thing from the researchers at the University of Richmond who reveal that improved physical conditioning will increase your endorphins – the hormones that create feelings of euphoria and can even block pain.

The US Centers for Disease Control states that the benefits of improved strength, endurance and cardio can actually create a healthier mind – more concentration and an ability to better connect with friends and associates! 

Wow!  Better health, better relationships – can it get any better than that? 

Well as a matter of fact it can!  If you were to get only the good stuff mentioned above, imagine how much                     better you would look and feel?                               

But…. you still wouldn’t be getting the total transformational experience we designed for you. 

 It’s different than anything that’s ever been offered before. 

Yes, there are some new things under the Sun.

And now it’s your chance to benefit from one of them!    

You recall I said that LeBron and Swin created a secret that’s at the heart of their revolutionary system?

So what is this secret that produces such cutting edge results?

                                                                                    AND THE SECRET IS….

It has been used for years by basketball legends as their secret formula for success. No less a star than                               Kareem Abdul Jabar has utilized it as part of his workout routine though no one knew about it!

Today, stars like LeBron, Swin, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson and countless others view                    it as an essential part of their routine. 

This is the secret of legends going all the way back to Walt Clyde Frasier!  And Kareem credits it with extending                   his long, long career. 

This is the secret of Phil Jackson and his winning LA Lakers…. And of so many of today’s top NBA and WNBA players.

In fact, it is estimated that one third of all NBA players have now included this secret into their workout.

And soon it will be your secret too! 

Listen to what LeBron has to say, "It isn't just about the body, it's also about the mind, and it's a technique that has really helped me." 

Here’s Clippers’ star forward and number one draft pick, Blake Griffin, “For me, the mental part is just as big as the physical part. It kind of lets my mind be at ease…”

From seven time NBA all-star Joe Johnson: “It’s better than weight training or anything of that sort. It’s therapy for my muscles and my muscles need that more than anything.” 

So… what is this Secret?

Well, it’s actually a combination of two dynamic systems, brought together to create explosive results… of the body and the mind.

Two systems working together.

Think of sunlight and water.  Each is a basic element for life – essential, in fact.  But still, each by itself cannot support life. 

It’s not until the two are brought together combining their own life-giving properties with each other, that anything can grow and thrive.

Using that principal, we’ve researched, formulated, tested and integrated two dynamic systems and brought them together in one never-before-seen program for ultimate growth.  

Together these two systems not only complement but also enhance each other.   Just like sunlight and water!

These two systems together are the force behind the program we call Basketball Yoga Blast.                                                       Because it will be like a Blast from the Past when you rediscover the strength, confidence and fun of your                youthful self.  

And here they are:   

Yoga - the ancient Indian discipline of stretches, poses and breathing – combined with 27 specially designed Basketball drills selected by our experts.

You not only get the athletics of a basketball workout:  improved cardio, agility and strength, - you also get yoga’s deep relaxation, feelings of ease and sharpened

concentration. Two systems working together to give you the best, most focused workout ever!  

                                                                                       OUR DREAM TEAM                               

To create the Basketball Yoga Blast we brought a world-class team of experts together.  LeBron James and Swin Cash head up the team with their new company, FitR, Inc., formed to develop and market the ‘Blast’ (as we like to call it!). 

LeBron and Swin have invested their expertise, skills, experience and knowledge, not to mention their names to this new product. 

Who else is on the team?  You may have heard her name as the superstar in the world of yoga and professional sports – Dana Santas is the leader in yoga training for pro athletes. She’s worked with more than 35 teams in major league baseball, hockey, football and of course, the NBA. 

She is the ‘Yoga’ in the Basketball Yoga Blast.  

Dana has enjoyed ground breaking success with hundreds of pro athletes and has developed a unique method of yoga with emphasis on movement, breathing and focus to enhance maximum performance.                 

And then there’s our fourth team member: They call him the ‘Yoga Guru of the NBA’…                                                Meet ‘Blast’ team member, Kent Katich

Kent is the L. A. Clippers full time yoga coach and the guy who really got Blake Griffin serious about yoga, starting in his rookie year.

Fully one third of all NBA players have worked with Kent and he knows better than anyone the benefits of combining basketball moves with the powerful effects of yoga:  “Yoga amplifies traditional training tools for maximum results!” 

Now You too can enjoy the same results realized by these world-class athletes!  

                                                               SO HOW DOES THE ‘BLAST’ WORK?

Good question.  So maybe you’re not a world-class athlete. Do you really need all the cutting edge benefits this program offers?   The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.  In fact, we all do.

Remember, we want to be transformational. We’re not just looking for great strength or cardio or speed. All that stuff is wonderful.

But we want even more for you.          

We want nothing less than a plan to change your life in ways you never thought possible!      

 Here’s how:   

The yoga poses in the program are specially chosen to work with our carefully selected basketball drills. This is the same yoga routine LeBron uses daily to strengthen and stretch his muscles.

 Here’s some examples of how our yoga and basketball systems  seamlessly work together:

 Yoga’s deep breathing boosts your cardio workout. Deeper breathing means more oxygen to your muscles and vital organs. And that means faster growth. 

  • Yoga enhances balance for more effective agility. Your micro muscles are actively engaged for quicker reactions. Combine that with our rebound drills and you’ll get off the dime in half the time!  
  • Yoga creates more limber muscles for a better stretch. Take those limber muscles, combine with our passing/ shooting routines and your muscles will quickly tone up.  
  •  Together, our basketball cardio drills and intense yoga moves really pump up heart and respiratory rates, for fast, fast fat burning.  Faster than either can do just by themselves.
  • The program’s basketball strength routines boosted by sustained yoga poses means a more intensified workout. You will regain the strength and stamina of your youth.  

This is how the program works for you.  

 The cardio and strength of basketball…. the balance and focus of yoga.

 We call it: Outer Strength: Inner Calm®

 Legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson knew about this powerful combination when he included yoga in the workout of his world champion Chicago Bulls.  And then again with the Los Angeles Lakers who he guided to their first championship in 12 years. 

He even had Shaq doing yoga!

According to Jackson, who has practiced yoga since the 1970’s while coaching the New York Knicks: "As much as we pump iron and we run to build our strength up, we need to build our mental strength up. The secret is quieting the endless jabbering of thoughts so that your body can do instinctively what it’s been trained to do.”

 It’s this combination of the physical and the mental working together that produces such powerful results.

 Results you won’t see anywhere else… because nothing else like this exists.

We field tested Basketball Yoga Blast against other programs – the results are in and they are staggering!

                                                     THIS PROGRAM BLASTED THE OTHERS AWAY

We were so sure we had a winner on our hands we couldn’t wait to test the ‘Blast’ against other mind/body fitness programs.   Now, the test couldn’t be exactly ‘apples to apples’ because as we said there is no other program like this in the world.

But we did the best we could, testing the ‘Blast’ against 4 other leading sports and conditioning programs.

A controlled and impartial study was launched at the Samuel Marshak Institute of Physiological Studies in Urbana, Illinois.  Such items as weight loss, strength, endurance, flexibility and… mental attitude were measured for all participants. 

This head to head comparison was conducted over a period of 3 months and when the results came in we couldn’t have been happier. But we weren’t surprised.

In the six key areas of the test…





 Mental Alertness


…Basketball Yoga Blast pretty much Blasted the competition! 

Participants from the ‘Blast’ team lost more weight, reported feeling more energized and said they were more excited about the program than the participants in the other programs.

They also said they felt more in touch with themselves and looked forward to their next ‘Blast’ session.  This was in deep contrast with the other test participants, who did not experience this same level of enthusiasm with their programs.

 In fact, some of them even asked if they could switch over to the ‘Blast’!  

 OK… so now that you see the many benefits of the ‘Blast’, let’s talk about how easy it is to use.

                                                                             SET UP IS A SNAP!

Because there is no set up!   You don’t need a court or a hoop or a big area for your workout.                                                       The drills, exercises, poses and stretches are all easily done in a bedroom, living room or den.                                           Even at your office. 

If you’ve ever done sit ups or any kind of stretching, then you already have a pretty good idea of the amount of space you’ll need. It’s not very much at all.

Can you say, “Convenient”?

This is a daily program, but less than 30 minutes a day will give you a deep, concentrated workout.  Try it in the morning to get yourself pumped for your day.  Or, in the evening to unwind.  

And no more trips to the gym.   Can you say, “Easy”?  

Plus you’ll see remarkable results the very first month!  

You’ll be amazed at how much you will accomplish in so little space, in such a short amount of time and…. at                     such little cost! (more on this soon!)   

So are you ready to see what comes with the program?


The heart of Basketball Yoga Blast are the dynamic Video Workouts, organized onto 6 DVDs.  They are clear, concise and progressively more challenging – 50 complete conditioning and inspiring programs, each less than 30 minutes long but guaranteed to bring new energy and well-being to your day.

  •   A 60 page, full color Instructional Manual with tips, tricks and explanations to enhance your workout.  The manual is water resistant, smudge-proof and tough. Don’t worry – you can take it anywhere – it will keep up with your workout and last for years. 
  •  Maintenance Program – As soon as you’ve arrived at peak shape, use the ‘The Blast’s' included maintenance workouts to keep yourself fit and happy in your new success zone.   You’ve earned it!
  •  Healthy Mind and Body Tips  - This exclusive guide, created only for ‘Blast’ members features hundreds of  insights from our Dream Team - LeBron, Swin, Dana, Kent and special inspirational tips from the Basketball Zen Master himself – Phil Jackson! 
                  Learn the motivational conditioning secrets Phil used when he coached the world champion                                            Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.   Hint: It involved yoga.  
  •   Basketball – what would Basketball Yoga Blast be without an official NBA-regulation basketball?                                This one is the best!
  •    Yoga Mat – there are regular, ordinary yoga mats and then there is the Dana Santas Comfort Grip® Yoga Mat.

Dana designed this mat for maximum comfort and lateral stability with high density, closed-cell foam.                   You won’t want to let it go!

These are the ingredients that make up the Basketball Yoga Blast and if you follow our simple step by step instructions, they will be the makings of a feast for a lifetime of mental, physical and emotional nutrition.

 Remember, you are always in control; you proceed at your own pace from beginner warm-up through intermediate conditioning and on to the advanced workout, where the challenges and the rewards are greater still.

 Even if you’ve been sitting on the couch for a few years…. Or a few decades – don’t worry.

 ‘The Blast’ is designed for all levels of fitness so you will progress at your own pace, building up your

  • strength,
  • endurance,
  • flexibility
  • and most of all… your confidence.

You'll feel renewed, invigorated and... happy. And when you feel happy you can't help but attract other people             who feel the same way.  It's a great way to go through your day! 

                                                             NOW YOU KNOW WHAT WE KNOW

 With the ‘Blast’  you’ll feel more centered, more in command, plus you’ll notice a dramatic increase in your flexibility

 Oh, and did we mention that ball players who have incorporated yoga into their routines have dramatically fewer injuries and recover from their injuries much more quickly?                                                                                                              Well they do and so will you!

In fact, Team Member and Clipper’s yoga coach Kent Katich, has noted, “Through yoga, you’ll be better able to notice the little warning signs that pop up within your body and address them before they become problems.”

Adds Kareem: “Once I started practicing yoga, I had no muscle injuries during my career.”  And he’s speaking about a 20 year career!

Just imagine how the ‘Blast’s’ conditioning routine will lengthen and strengthen your muscles to help keep you injury free and always ‘center court’.   

                     LIKE NO OTHER

 I’m sure you’ve seen other conditioning programs throughout the years. And these days you can’t go to a shopping mall without passing a yoga studio. It’s all good and we praise those that are seriously taking care of their bodies. But……

What we have created here for you basically re-writes the exercise and conditioning playbook. There has never been a system as complete as this for the body and the mind. 

You will feel the difference. Remember: Outer Strength:Inner Calm.®

It’s a win, win, win, win for your body, your game, your inner self and YOU.

 I hope you now see how Basketball Yoga Blast will bring you new Vitality, new Power and a new, Youthful vision of yourself.  You’ll jump start your day with each high octane workout. 

Getting ‘game’ was never this easy.  All in one simple-to-use program.    


what if I were to tell you I’ve got an extra bonus that will make the program even more fun and effective?

                                                                                TAKE THE ‘BLAST’ ON THE ROAD

We all have such busy lives. Work… travel… obligations…. Lots of reasons to break our routine… and you know what that means – missing a workout or several.  But you won’t have to miss a single session because we’ve made it super easy to travel with the ‘Blast’.

Order the program in the next 5 days and we’ll throw in this special bonus – a combo Travel Case and attachable nylon Convenience Bag to easily transport your program, basketball, Yoga Mat – everything you need for your daily workout - to wherever your busy life takes you.  You won’t miss a day without ‘The Blast’.

But… we’ve added another extra!  Just peek inside the Travel Case and you’ll find a 2nd Bonus!

 We’ve included a portable mini DVD Player! Now there’s no excuse not to play your daily program wherever you go.  

 And here’s another benefit that comes with your Travel Bonus: It has been  shown time after time, when starting a new program, a new project, a new anything – if you combine your efforts with a friend or partner, your chances for success greatly improve. 

Same thing here. We’ve made it easy to share the ‘Blast’.

Take the ‘Blast’ to a friend’s house; bring it to work and invite your co-workers for a lunch-time ‘Blast’ session.  Having the support and encouragement of others increases the fun factor, is a major boost and practically guarantees success!

So…. now you know the fabulous benefits of‘The Blast’ and the many ways it can improve your physical, mental and even emotional self. What do you think it would cost to invest in such a life-changing program? 

Folks have spent thousands on personal trainers, gym memberships and expensive equipment. Sometimes with little to show for it because that stuff is …. well, expensive! You have to keep on paying and paying for those training sessions.

                                                                                 AGGRESSIVELY AFFORDABLE

Earlier I told you that ‘The Blast’ was affordable.  Well now we’re making it aggressively affordable. Originally the program sold for $174, including the six CD’s, Instruction Manual, Mind & Body Tips, Maintenance Program, regulation NBA basketball and the Dana Santas Comfort Grip® Yoga Mat.

However, because we want everyone to experience the many benefits of ‘The Blast’ we can offer it now for just three payments of only $29 each, plus shipping and handling.

Remember I said the entire program costs just about the same as a date night?   It’s true. But the benefits you’ll get will far outlast a dinner and a movie. 

Let the wellness masters LeBron, Swin, Dana & Kent take back your youth and say “Hello” to that fun, energetic person you left behind. You’re gonna be your new best friend!  

You will lose fat, gain muscle and get more energy than you thought possible - not to mention your on-court skills will measurably improve….  as will your off-court skills!  

Remember, the entire program of:

·                       6 DVDs

·                       Instruction Manual

·                       Mind and Body Tips

·                       Maintenance Program

·                       regulation NBA basketball

·                       Dana Santas Comfort Grip® Yoga Mat

·                       Combo Travel Case/convenience bag

·                       Portable DVD Player!

 ….now costs you only three payments of $29 plus shipping and handling. That’s a savings of 50% off the original price.

 Many have purchased ‘The Blast’ at the higher price but now you can get it at half that original cost. 

Plus, act now and you’ll have exclusive access to our private, members only On-Line Forum just for ‘Blast’ owners.     Get more tips and tricks to maximize your workout plus blogs and members’ chat area.  

This will quickly become your ‘go to’ place where you can post photos of your amazing progress!    

But…. and there always is a ‘but’…. you’ve got to act soon.  The Program is selling fast and once our  inventory is gone… well, that’s going to be it for quite some time.  And that is time you could be investing in you.   

So give yourself this special gift right now.

                                                                        OUR TRIPLE GUARANTEE

When you give yourself this gift, please know that you are doing something very special

for your body,

for your health,

for your outlook, and

for those you love.

You will feel the difference.  I guarantee it.

In fact I know that the Basketball Yoga Blast will totally transform you into a Young, vibrant version of yourself.                                                                                                                       Your Best Body. Your Best Life.  

And I will make the following pledge:                                                                                                                                                                 Try the program for 30 days risk free. If after that time you don’t feel a bolt of renewed energy, a happier,                     more centered sense of self, and a taste of what your new future will hold, just return the program and I’ll                      give you a full refund.

 No questions. No problems. It’s all good.

I guarantee it.                                                 

 Even if you return the program, please keep the Mind Body Tips and the NBA regulation basketball. They’re our free gifts to you and we’ll remain friends.                    

I guarantee it!

So get ready!  You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole, new life to live! 

 Order your ‘Blast’ now!   

 All the best to You,

Mark Briscoe


PS. Don’t forget – when you join our Dream Team, you’ve got a world-class support system behind you - athletes, researchers, physiologists and thousands of other folks just like you that changed their lives for good! 

Online and off, we’re ready to join you on this journey to the best place of your life!  

This is your time. And in no time, you’ll be crushing them on the court and making them turn their heads, everywhere you go.  Call, click or write today!  

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                                                                                          The Order Device


                   Yes, I want to join LeBron, Swin, Dana and Kent to get the best body, mind and self of my life!                                                    I’m signing up for: Outer Strength/Inner Calm® and a return to the strength, agility and vigor                                                  of my youth!                                                                                                  

 I can’t wait to try The Basketball Yoga Blast. However, if after 30 days I’m not totally satisfied                         with the new direction my life is going I will get a full refund – no questions asked.

 Don’t forget – the Basketball Yoga Blast program also comes with three great premiums!

·           Travel Case/Convenience bag

·           Portable DVD Player

·           Members only On-Line Forum

All this in just three easy payments of $29 each plus $19.95 shipping and handling.

In less than 30 minutes a day you can get the new self you’ve always wanted. Please order now as supplies               are limited. 

If paying by credit card, please include your card number here.

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                                                            LIFT NOTE:  BASKETBALL YOGA BLAST

                            Don’t think Basketball Yoga Blast can profoundly affect your life?  Read this!

                                         “We are a family again!”

To the People at FitR:     

Please read this story about my family and how your product has changed our lives!                   

My husband’s legs had deteriorated so much that he had a hard time walking.  Even going outside and down the steps to get the paper became a chore.  He had always been active, playing ball with our two sons and now he couldn’t keep up with them at all.

On our last family vacation he couldn’t even keep up with the three of us when we went for a walk on the beach!  I had to keep going back so he wouldn’t be alone. It was so sad and I could see that the boys were starting to drift away from their dad. 

My husband even started to become distant from the family. 

I was myself overweight and so began the Basketball Yoga Blast a few months ago and I must say I really enjoyed the workouts. I was losing weight and gaining confidence too.

Deep down, I knew this might be the answer for my husband. So, after much prodding, I got him to join me every morning for just a few minutes. 

At first he couldn’t do much more than just watch.  But after six weeks, he could almost keep up with me!  I could tell he was proud. And if I missed a day, he would start nagging me!  

After just 3 months on the program, he lost 29 pounds.  But the biggest surprise came last Saturday.

The boys were in the driveway playing basketball and my husband was watching from the kitchen table. Suddenly he threw down the paper and hopped outside to join them.  He snatched the ball from the younger one, dribbled right past the older one and made a beautiful basket!

Well… the boys stood there just dumbfounded.  I ran outside and hugged my husband with tears of joy in my eyes!  And my husband stood there beaming. He was so proud… just full of life, strong and determined… and ready to take on the world!   

I feel like we are a family again. 

Thank you all so much!                 

Mrs. Betty Nelson